of all ages
learn 'Nylon
String Guitar'
from the comfort
of your home

Learn Nylon GuitarLearn Nylon GuitarLearn Nylon GuitarLearn Nylon Guitar


Let me show you how to play a wonderful musical instrument,
teaching you to take it slow and steady,
learning and perfecting nylon string guitar playing ability,
step by step,
for joy,
for the rest of your life.


No matter your age,
I can give you a helping hand towards learning to play
the "coolest" musical instrument in the world:

"The Nylon String Guitar!"

YES!  You can learn beginner "finger picking" guitar - over the Internet!

The secret is to keep it "in gradient" and keep at it "step by step"
following the gentle and sure path I have marked out for you UpGuitarHill.
In no time at all (at your own pace / with my help when you need it)
you will systematically build solid strumming and finger picking guitar capability.

  Why UpGuitarHill lessons will work for me

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Know this: Your guitar is your very best friend for life!